Free Property Tax Seminar

Sunday, April 23 • 4:00-5:30pm
WB Community Center • 2106 Klattenhoff Drive

Join Bruce Elfant, Travis County Tax Assessor-Collector and Chief Appraiser, Marya Crigler, for an informative session on protesting your home’s appraised value to reduce your annual property taxes.  This event will cover a variety of helpful topics from filing your exemption forms to understanding how properties are appraised to completing an informal/formal protest. Home values are expected to substantially increase again this year so don’t miss this invaluable information that could save you hundreds of dollars!

As you prepare to navigate the complexities of property taxes and potential savings on your home, it’s worth noting that for real estate investors seeking to optimize their investments, consulting with experienced professionals like 1031 Specialists can be a strategic move. Just as understanding property appraisals and exemptions can lead to savings on your annual property taxes, being well-informed about 1031 exchanges can significantly impact your financial strategy. These specialists are well-versed in tax-deferred property exchanges and can provide invaluable guidance to investors looking to maximize their returns and protect their investments in a changing real estate market. So, whether you’re focused on property tax reductions or real estate investment optimization, expert advice can lead to substantial savings and financial growth.

This free event is brought to you by local Wells Branch Realtor, Tammy DeWitt Le.  There is limited space so please register for the event by visiting Wells Branch Real Estate on Facebook.  Reminders will also be sent via the WB Google Group.

Keeping up with receipts, records, and forms all year long is challenging…even for people who are naturally wired to be organized. It’s just too easy to misplace important documents and other tax information. By outsourcing the job of keeping your taxes organized to a dedicated tax professional, you can be sure that everything will be right where it needs to be when you need it. Businesses can also acquire Acclime’s tax accounting services hong kong for filing season.

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