Upcoming Events!

Wells Branch Eco Fair
Saturday, April 28 • 2-5pm

WB Rec. Center • 3000 Shoreline Drive

On April 28, Wells Branch MUD Recreation Dept., together with local volunteers, will be hosting this free event.  We’ll have booths with vendor demos, hands-on activities for both children and adults, and give-aways.  Check the WB MUD website or WBNA.us for a schedule of speakers and topics as we get closer to the event.

Children are encouraged to participate by coloring and submitting a coloring page.  Copies are available online and at the Rec. Center.  Bring your coloring page the day of the fair and receive a prize.

Find more information and download your coloring sheet at wellsbranchmud.com.

We’d love to have your help!  If you’re interested in volunteering, please contact one of the Team Leads:

Healthy Food and Home:  Vicky Linsalata, vickylin@austin.rr.com

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle:  Debby Thompson, deborah_thompson@earthlink.net

The Great Outdoors:  Shelley Palmer, spifala@gmail.com

Alternative Power/Fuel:  Stephen Hochstetler, srh2pjh@gmail.com

Water Conservation/Waste Water/Storm Water:  Christine Taylor, ctaylor@wellsbranchmud.com

Get involved, make plans to attend, and stay tuned for updates!

WB MUD Spring Youth Fishing Tournament
Saturday, May 5 • 9am-Noon
Mills Pond • 15108 Wells Port Drive
Wells Branch MUD hosts its spring youth fishing tournament for ages 17 and under May 5 from 9am to noon at Mills Pond.  Enrollment into the tournament is free for all youth, with trophies and prizes being awarded at the end.  A rod and reel will be provided for those anglers who would like to borrow one.  All state fishing regulations apply.

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