Give a Kid a Summer & Water Safe are BACK!

Kids NEED a place to “be” in the summertime.  Staying at home by themselves is only good for so long before boredom sets in and they go in search of entertainment.  If you give a kid someplace to be, something to do, they’re far less likely to get into trouble on their own.  We have wonderful facilities available in Wells Branch: two pools and a recreation center – safe, clean environments with adult supervision.

In the past, the WBNA has asked for donations for a program we lovingly called “Give a Kid a Summer” to help fund Rec. Tags for neighbor kids who otherwise would not be able to afford it.  From there, we transitioned to “Water Safe” and funded swim lessons for children in need.  A few years ago, we saw a decline in interest and discontinued both programs.

We thank all of you who’ve contributed over the last several years.  Please KNOW that your efforts have made a  tremendous impact.

Unfortunately, we’ve seen the need to re-activate this program as many families are strapped for funds and a Wells Branch Rec. Pass or swimming lessons are the last thing in their budget.  That said, the WBNA would like to ask for your help.  It only costs $25-$35 for an individual quarterly rec. pass and just $40-$75 for an annual membership for a child in need.  Unfortunately, many families in Wells Branch are unable to afford formal swim lessons for their children.  Just $40 can help to make a child WATER SAFE.

We’d love to tell you that your donation is tax deductible, but unfortunately, it isn’t.  Think about it, a portion of $5, $10, $20, even $35 isn’t going to make that big a difference on your tax return and you can make a HUGE difference in a child’s life.  For questions, or if you know of a child, age 10–16, in need, contact Debby Thompson at  Requests will be met on a first come, first serve basis.

Give a Kid a Summer or help a child become Water Safe.  Mail your check (in any amount) made out to WBNA with “Rec. Tag Donation” or “Swim Lessons” in the memo box to:  WBNA, 2104 Klattenhoff, Austin, TX 78728.

We’ve already had two requests and school isn’t even out yet.  We hope that you’ll help us out.  All money received will go directly to pay for rec. tags or swim lessons.  Mail your check (in any amount) made out to WBNA with “Rec. Tag Donation” or “Swim Lessons” in the memo box to:  WBNA, 2104 Klattenhoff, Austin, TX 78728.

You all have been so generous in the past; we thank you!  Now this summer, let’s help a few more kids!  Donors will be recognized in the September issue of the WBNA News and throughout the summer via our Facebook page.  Thank you in advance for taking this opportunity to help a child have a safer summer and learn skills they can use for the rest of their lives.

For more information or to register a child for swim lessons under this program, please contact Katie Hutcheson at 512-251-9814 ext. 111 or

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