NEW!  Pet Chip Scanner in Wells Branch

With the help of our wonderful neighbors, Wells Branch has a new Pet Chip Scanner!  We’d like to thank Daniel Barnekow and Mikella Maughan for being the driving forces behind acquiring the scanner and Sunbury Vet Clinic for ordering a top of the line scanner for us.

A special thank you to all the WB residents who contributed to its purchase.  You’re one of the many reasons Wells Branch is such an incredible place to live.

Austin Artist | Daniel Barnekow | Kate Barnekow | Jill Bekaert-Lubitz | Meaghan Bellande | Lora Bielfeldt | Linda Bilstein | Heather Cooke | Donna Dorsey | Delian Filip | Mitch Fincher | Randy & Jackie Gabbart | Michelle Gadush | Cynthia Hannon | Gus Kohn | Sherrie Lindig | Nancy Loomis | Mikella Maughan | Kathy McCaston | Gay McLaughlin | Abi P. | Shelley Palmer | Katherine Preble | Davika Reid | Ralph Simon | Mark & Tamara Talarico | Debby Thompson | Rudy Valenti | Allison Wren and those who contributed anonymously.

Mikella has graciously volunteered to be the resident possessor of the chip reader.  The number to call or text for scanning needs is (512) 270-1026.  This is a Google number which can be transferred to anyone who may be filling-in in order to keep things simple.  Please keep in mind that she is a regular person with a life – a business, some kids, and pets of her own –  so she can’t be available 24/7, however she does work from home and will be available from approximately 7am to 9pm most days.  Please call or text if you have an animal in Wells Branch who needs to be scanned.  She is happy to help!  

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