The 2023 WBNA Silent Auction is LIVE!

Ready, Set… and Start Bidding!  The 2023 Silent Auction will open on Friday, June 23, at 9:00am. You will be dazzled by this year’s amazing donations! Our team worked very hard to bring the community a wide range of items and some wonderful surprises. Be sure to check the site often, there will be ongoing updates as we receive any final donations. Below are a few bidding tips and if you have questions please contact us:

Celebrate with Red, White, BOOM!:

Have fun and thank you for your support! We truly appreciate every donation. See you on the 4th!

2023 WBNA Silent Auction: Bidding Tips:

Once you find that “special” item, what’s the best way to bid or buy? Carefully consider what the item is worth and how much are you willing to spend. Look at the starting (or current) bid and then bid up to the next increment. If bidding online you will need to register.

If you REALLY want the item, you can exercise the “buy now” option and simply buy the item out right at the set “buy now” price. This price is usually set just below the full item price. Or if you want to fully support the WBNA you may choose pay full price for the item and enter a custom bid amount.

The online auction site has some helpful features to make choosing and bidding on an item easier. Once you a place bid on an item, simply click the “” option to mark as a favorite, then select the “” option to track bids on your item. To narrow your search, select from the categories menu (next to search) to quickly filter items by group. Use the search option and type in a key word to find a specific item.

We have had a few folks ask “Why can’t I just pay online?”  We have chosen not to pay the additional processing fee to the 32auction service company (fee is nearly 10%). All the proceeds are returned into the community. If you really need the item before the July 4th checkout, please contact Margaret Sufke, 512-341-0428 (msg) or via and we will work hard to make the purchase happen.

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