“Don’t Become a Victim”

The WBNA will be hosting a Personal Safety Seminar this Saturday from 9am-1pm at the Community Center to be taught by Travis County Sheriff’s Office Sgt. Craig Smith and Senior Deputy Kim Orts.  For those of you who attended the meeting on October 21, this is an extended version with live demonstrations.

1 in 3 women and 1 in 10 men will become the victim of a violent crime.    Please join us for this Personal Safety Seminar to learn how some of us inadvertently make ourselves easy targets and ways to make ourselves less likely to be targeted by a criminal.  Learn the mind-set of a predator.  Other topics include personal weapons, cell phones and social networking sites.  There will be live demonstrations.

We will be serving donuts & coffee in the morning and pizza at lunch.  Bring your questions for Sgt. Smith!  We hope you’ll join us!!!!

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