Wells Branch Library in need of “friends”

Submitted by Faye Cormier, Library Trustee

Have you ever wondered what our neighborhood would be like without the Wells Branch Community Library and all of the wonderful books, family and community events, child and teen activities and enrichment classes it provides?

Many in the community remember our neighborhood before the WB Community Library District was created.  Once residents approved the district with an overwhelming 98% vote, the Friends of the Library was formed to begin the book collection and volunteer drive.  The community response was amazing!  Within a few short weeks we had enough books on the shelves to begin lending services.  The Friends played an important role by continuing to recruit and organize volunteers and raise much needed funds prior to the district receiving local sales tax revenue.

Just as membership with the Friends of the Library played a critical role in the beginning of our library’s history, today your membership has a more direct impact on the future of our library due to the loss of the Lone Star Library Grant, cuts in the Central Texas Library System funding, a drop of 6% in sales tax revenue as well as cuts in other grant funding.  These cuts equate to a projected loss of $20,000.  this significant shortfall is why it is so important to re-energize the Friends of the Library.

All residents are invited to attend an open meeting for the Friends of the Wells Branch Community Library on April 29, 5pm in the Library meeting rooms, please watch the library marquee for the time.  Join us for an ice cream social with child care and activities for the kids while mom & dad attend the meeting.

We hope to see you there.

2 thoughts on “Wells Branch Library in need of “friends”

  1. I live in Brattonwood. The WB library is my library of choice. I have been in retailing for 50 years including buying for the gift shop at the New Orleans Museum of Art. I have an idea to help earn money for the library. At Christmas our family (I am the middle of 3 generations) used different kinds of bookmarks as stocking stuffers, yes stockings. We had traditional bookmarks, magnetic clips of many styles, and art reproductionsclips. If a neighborhood fan of the library would volunteer to be the buyer of a small money making area I would be happy to be that person.

    I retired from Restoration Hardware in October and believe this is a viable opportunity for both of us. I can also be contacted at 512-671-6071.



    1. Hi Tracy,

      This sounds like a wonderful idea. I’m forwarding your email to Gus Kohn, FOL President. Expect to hear from him soon and thank you!

      Debby Thompson
      President, WBNA

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