Grand Avenue/Bratton Lane Update

by David Greear, TNR

I am happy to inform everyone that the Grand Avenue Parkway (GAP) is completed and ready to be opened up to traffic!  We are scheduled to remove the barricades this Wednesday (3/3) and open the road.  There will be a 4-way stop control (blinking red light) for the intersection of Grand Avenue/Bratton Lane until the traffic engineering department can conduct a study to see if the intersection meets warrants for a traffic signal.   When the intersection meets the criteria for a traffic signal, the County will proceed with turning on the traffic signal already in place, but until then the 4-way stop controls will be in place.

A lot of people have been integral in getting this project to this point and we appreciate everyone’s support and patience!  Commissioner Brigid Shea wants to thank the residents who were so helpful in moving this project forward.

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